All I See

Channeled guidance for the soul-led woman

A live, online, interactive transformational event, hosted by Helen Jacobs

Next Webinar Dates:

July / October

All I See at a glance:

  • Hosted by Helen each quarter via live webinar
  • Energy forecasts, group healings, energetic up-leveling and more
  • Focuses on the upcoming 3 months and ties to the annual theme
  • An opportunity for Helen and her guides to answer your question live

Are you ready for All I See?

You’re called to light and lead the way for change in our world – as a healer, coach, mentor, mother, creative or soulprenuer.

You know to be this light for others, you must open to allow more light in.

You’re moved by these ever-changing energies and crave deeper, higher guidance specific for the sensitive soul.

You’re drawn to the powerful magic alchemized when women gather in circle.

And you know now, more than ever, your need for energetic stability and integration of mind, body, spirit.

Join me each quarter, as I host All I See – a live, online and totally interactive transformational event – as I channel the gathering of spirit guides and light beings assigned to working with the collective of soul-led women.

All I See is your secret weapon, your go-to for guidance, energy upgrades, and practical how-to’s on this path back to soul amid the collective awakening.

Each All I See event blends:
  • Guidance and insights channeled live, in real-time
  • Key energy phases and dates to plan for (and how to prepare)
  • Collective themes (and how they’re likely to show up for you)
  • How to maximise the collective waves of expansion and contraction
  • Explore the energy of the next three months
  • How to work with these energies in your own life
  • Group healing, energy activation, intention setting and more

I am so incredibly grateful to Helen and her amazing gift and beautiful energy that has supported me throughout my journey.

Helens intuition along with messages she receives are always perfectly timed and insightful, guiding and supporting me exactly how I need it at the time. I feel blessed to have worked with Helen and for what she has taught me, she has made such a positive impact on my journey and I feel like this is just the beginning of so much more to come in discovering my soul purpose.

Tess Mion

Your Guide, Helen Jacobs

I am a psychic, channel and soul guide who works with women ready to unlock the secrets of their soul blueprint. I reconnect you to your own inner guidance, and shed light along the path back to your soul.

I channel a group of spirit guides, the High Council of Sages, assigned to lead this movement of awakening women. The Council gave me the framework to follow as we move back into alignment with our soul, and it’s my mission to now share it with you.

To find out more about me, please visit the About Page.

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October 25, 2017 @ 7:30 pm AEST


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