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Not all who wander are lost

You burn with a deep desire for more.

You are magnetized towards your big dream (even when it evades you, just out of reach.)

You long for lasting change to anchor and take hold; to strengthen your power and presence in your life.

But you question if your desire, your dream, and your longing is just a mere wish or whimsy. Do you have what it might take?

You need only seek within to find:

Your desires are your soul, calling you into your next evolution.


Your soul’s desires are not just possible, but inevitable.

Your blueprint must be met by the richness of the earth, to support you in your quest.


And the Seeker knows to follow her soul’s guidance to bring all this to life.

The Seeker follows her soul’s guidance out of a place of reactionary healing into a state of proactive manifestation.

The Seeker follows her soul’s guidance along the terrain of her unique soul path.

The Seeker knows finds her gateways encoded with guidance, her fertile ground for weaving heaven and earth, her power to activate, enact and express her blueprint’s brilliance and receive the earth’s rich abundance in accordance with her path.

And the Seeker knows, she will not be lost if she only start out along her path.

Soul will guide the rest.

Seeker is a 6-month transformational journey deep into your current soul’s call – the current imprint of your soul’s blueprint waiting to be brought to life – and harnessing your inherent magic and alchemical power as you weave each and every soul call into life.

When you work with your soul’s guidance, you’ll gain more clarity, confidence, connection and courageously express the true you – and receive wild abundance from the world around you in response.

Committing to your soul initiates you on the soul path and activates new gateways and pathways within you. Be guided into these gateways and receive the essence of your blueprint waiting for you there. Reclaim your power, and move into pro-active, aligned creation. Intuit your own soul path, in accordance with your blueprint. And open to receive all the earth’s abundance to support you in your quest.

Your desire, dream and longing is the essence of your blueprint, making its way now into physical form.

You are the channel to birth these soul gifts into the world and receive all the earth’s abundance in the process.

Seeker lifts you into vibrational match with your soul’s desires, so you may radiate the fullness of your true being, in accordance with your soul.

Through Seeker, you’ll:
  • Learn what your soul call is really asking you to do (and who it’s asking you to be)
  • Shift your perspective to see how all of life is helping you to actualize your soul’s call
  • Decode your soul’s blueprint by harnessing your intuition
  • Map your soul’s path and confidently move along it
  • Deepen your soul’s desires, so they gain clarity and potency
  • Work with energy to not only heal and transform your life, but you’ll master the art of weaving energy into physical form
You’ll gain:
  • Clarity and insight into who you really are, why you feel this pull within you and what to do with it.
  • A stronger belief in yourself and why you’re here
  • More power and radiance as you amplify your light into the world
  • Deep and lasting healing, to finally be free to be who you were born to be

For the woman ready to walk her intuitive path with radical trust & heart felt alignment Helen is the soul guide for you. Her depth of perception & experience reaches beyond dimensions, guiding you to magical new heights & depths of intuitive alchemy.

Jenna Ward
Embodiment Teacher & Founder ‘The Embodied Woman’

The Seeker transformational journey leads you through 6 modules:

  1. The Soul’s Call

    Understand what you’re truly being guided to do and why

  2. The Soul’s Journey

    From awakening to ascension, alignment and activation, you’ll see how each of us is guided through a process to prepare our human self to receive more and more of the soul self.

  3. Intuit Your Soul Path

    Work with a proven system for intuiting your soul’s path and the steps your soul is asking you take at both the earthly and higher realms to bring this desire – your blueprint – into physical form.

  4. Energy Healing & Embodiment

    Simple, practical, everyday techniques to raise your frequency into vibrational alignment with your soul and its desires.

  5. Symbolic Sight

    Shifting your perspective from the 3D reality into the infinite possibilities, you’ll see and understand the symbolic language of the Universe and how it’s working with your to birth your soul’s desires.

  6. Intuitive Alchemy

    Become a divine channel for heaven and earth and realise your body’s power to transform your intuitive guidance into physical form.

Course Delivery

  • Private, members-only website and community forum
  • Regular live and interactive teaching & healing webinars hosted by Helen (plus replays if you can’t make it live and submit questions ahead of time)
  • Educational videos
  • Practical application – worksheets, exercises, meditations and healing techniques
  • Module Content eBooks
  • Live Forum Chats and Q&As with Helen
    Channeled messages for the group

Your Guide, Helen Jacobs

I am a psychic, channel and soul guide who works with women ready to unlock the secrets of their soul blueprint. I reconnect you to your own inner guidance, and shed light along the path back to your soul.

I channel a group of spirit guides, the High Council of Sages, assigned to lead this movement of awakening women. The Council gave me the framework to follow as we move back into alignment with our soul, and it’s my mission to now share it with you.

To find out more about me, please visit the <a href="/about">About Page</a>.