Soul Map Psychic Readings

Soul Map
Psychic Reading
With Helen Jacobs

As a psychic, channel and Soul Guide, I bring through the unique Soul Map for your current life situation, looking at the path your soul has traveled to arrive you here, and what Soul growth is required now to enable you to continue along your Soul’s path.

You’ll receive an audio recording of me channeling higher guidance specific to your path and circumstances. I’ll help you chart your onward journey, looking at the life areas currently under review and how to move through the healing and growth to support you along the way.

How a Soul Map Psychic Session Works

Soul Maps psychic sessions have emerged out of the thousands of psychic readings I’ve performed over the past decade. My detailed readings were actually creating a map and action plan for clients, a step-by-step guide to help move them from where they are to where they want to go, based on higher guidance and their own Soul Blueprint.

Upon purchasing a Soul Map session, you’ll be sent a brief questionnaire to complete so you can highlight the life areas you are most interested in understanding and ask the most pertinent questions for me to channel on your behalf.

I’ll then take this information to my team of Spirit Guides, to bring through their guidance on your behalf, to help you gain clarity and understanding of your path thus far, what’s happening at a Soul level, and how it’s playing out in your life circumstances right now. I'll then look to the aligned action steps to take (the healing, the growth, releasing, and manifesting) to continue along your path.

A Soul Map is unlike any other psychic reading. A Soul Map session does not simply look at the likely upcoming life events. Instead, it is an in-depth exploration of your Soul’s Blueprint, the lessons and purpose you came here to experience, how this is shaping your current circumstance - and what to do about it. A Soul Map session puts you back in the driver’s seat of your own life, empowering you to make aligned decisions, and committing to the soul work and healing required and to truly manifest the desired life your Soul incarnated to experience.

You’ll receive an audio recording (approximately 50-60 minutes) of me channeling guidance on your behalf. Within this recording, I’ll explain your Blueprint, as it’s relevant to your current circumstances, and outline the action steps to help lead you forth in alignment with your Soul.

I am so incredibly grateful to Helen and her amazing gift and beautiful energy that has supported me throughout my journey.

Through both individual readings and mentoring Helen has helped me understand and learn how to live intuitively, has worked with me on releasing fears and allowing me to open up and receive as well as trust and believe in myself, the universe and my path.

Helens intuition along with messages she receives are always perfectly timed and insightful, guiding and supporting me exactly how I need it at the time. I feel blessed to have worked with Helen and for what she has taught me, she has made such a positive impact on my journey and I feel like this is just the beginning of so much more to come in discovering my soul purpose.

Megan Ezzy
Intuitive Art Therapist

Is Soul Mapping right for you?

Soul Mapping is NOT a psychic reading with standard overview and Q&A. Rather, Soul Maps for TSG students are recorded readings that Helen delivers to the student to listen & absorb independently. These recorded sessions take a current situation/question and zoom right out to the soul level, mapping where you are in your unique soul journey, identify what your soul is learning, and zero in on why these particular challenges are coming up right now.

In my recorded session for you, I will help you identify what aspects of your soul need healing. I will speak to the current life situations, but only in the context of what you’re currently struggling with on your soul’s path and what the soul really is asking you to step up and do.

When you’re on the Soul Path, it can be very difficult to know where you are; you can lose your bearings. As a Soul Guide, I help shed light on the path, explain the journey, the terrain, the weather, and the signposts to look out for. I can connect you with your own tour guide/navigation and arm you with a tailored map.

This 60-minute recording will help you to understand the “symptoms” of this phase of your soul’s journey with clear steps for navigating through. The resulting Soul Map will serve to guide you through this new terrain that we identify together, and give you a strong foundation for moving forward on your soul’s path with confidence.

I have been working with Helen for nearly 3 years now. At each and every step I have been supported by Helen and her amazing business. Through these 3 years I have moved countries 3 times and changed roles and have been supported through the whole process with learnings from Helen which are now intuitive to me.

I know how to support myself through any personal development from what I have learnt, to allow me to live both intuitively and authentically. This is invaluable.

Helen is extremely personable, a great listener and totally authentic which has allowed trust to build in our work together over time. I feel that Helen will be in my life for many years to come. I really thank Helen for all her guidance in the last 3 years.

Brigid O'Leary

Your Guide, Helen Jacobs

I am a psychic, channel and soul guide who works with women ready to unlock the secrets of their soul blueprint. I reconnect you to your own inner guidance, and shed light along the path back to your soul.

I channel a group of spirit guides, the High Council of Sages, assigned to lead this movement of awakening women. The Council gave me the framework to follow as we move back into alignment with our soul, and it’s my mission to now share it with you.

To find out more about me, please visit the About Page.