I never set out to work as a psychic, but life had other plans

Following my intuition & the Universe's breadcrumbs led to a vibrant, rich soul-aligned life.

It can for you, too.

You are here for a reason

You are guided towards it

Once I discovered this for myself, my entire life changed.

I now work with others, to guide them inwards and home to their truth.

I’ll help you follow your inner wisdom and discover why you’re here.

Author. Speaker. Mentor.

Helen Jacobs

I'm on a mission to reconnect you to your self, spirit, path & purpose

I'm a successful PR executive-turned-psychic, who never dreamed of pursing this life path, but the universe came knocking. 

After following advice from my spirit guides (my Spiritual Support Team, or SST), I left my career to start my own business, soon seeing a long list of clients with extensive waiting lists for private psychic readings. 

Continuing to work with my SST and my own intuition for the past 15 years, I've gone on to have a varied and successful career as a psychic, mentor and teacher. I've worked with people and businesses the world over, providing guidance and tools to reconnect with their own unique life path — or how to notice it when it comes knocking.

Although I've since packed away my crystal ball and no longer give personal readings, I do continue to work 1:1 with clients pursing their passions and purpose to turn a profit. I also run The Little Sage, an online hub of tools, tips and trainings for intuitive self discovery.

I also found the time to write two successful books, You Already Know and Asking For a Friend (both Murdoch Books) and host a weekly podcast, The Guided Collective.

When not writing, teaching or speaking, you'll find me with my husband, Gary, and our two soul-mate daughters, Isla and Rose. We share our home in Brisbane, Australia, with a spirited Groodle, Audrey (yes, as predicted in You Already Know).


I don’t think you found me by chance.

My work is for you if you:

* feel called to live more intuitively and authentically
* know there is "something more" for you
* believe you have been bestowed certain gifts, talents, skills and purpose that must be shared with the world
* desire a vibrant, abundant life
* align your thoughts, energy and actions to create (or want to!)
* are tired of following others' well-worn paths and are ready to live your own, unapologetically

Starting out?

Start with the range of DIY tools, tips and trainings for self discovery, intuition building and reconnection to self and spirit.

Visit The Little Sage

Take your purpose further

Limited 1:1 spots (or corporate groups) to take a big soul seed from conception to profitable purpose.

Work with me

There’s a certain kind of magic and serendipity that leads people to me.

I don’t think you found me by chance.

Do you feel some intuitive nudge, prompting change in your life?

Has life thrown you a curve-ball, a wake-up call, and you know your next steps must be guided?

Is there a growing sense in you that you’re here for a reason… but you’re not quite sure just yet what that is?

If so, you’re in good company, and you’re in the right place.

For more than a decade, I've guided thousands of people from where you are now, deeper into themselves discovering the truth of who they are and how to show up in the world as your full, authentic self.

Are you ready?

An author, speaker, mentor

I work with purpose-driven individuals and groups seeking guidance, sharing the insights and teachings I receive from my spirit guides that have changed my life and the lives of many others - and they're ready to help you, too.

Via my weekly podcast, The Guided Collective, you can get a taste of these messages. My book, You Already Know (Murdoch Books) shares more of my story and the journey we go on as we begin following our guidance. If you're new here, you may also like The Little Sage Oracle Cards and my suite of guided meditations.

I share these teachings via a range of workshops, courses and events as well as provide mentoring for those searching for their path and purpose.

A conduit, a bridge, a link between two worlds

My whole life, I’ve been aware of non-physical beings and have moved through various stages of engagement with them. At first, I tried to ignore them.

As a kid, you'd always find me buried in a book. I was studious and academic, always observing, learning and naturally curious about the world. I went on to complete two degrees - a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Public Relations. I now joke I knew communications was important, but could never had predicted then just how spirit communication would change my life.

After a spirit visitation from my aunt in 2001, I started the journey to connect more fully with my inner and higher guidance. For the past decade, I’ve consciously connected with them, received and recorded their guidance, lived by it, and shared it far and wide. It's become my life's work.

My Soul Journey Here

Of course, this isn’t where I started...

I too began my healing journey after my intuition was ignited, and that came with the shocking confirmation I could connect to the world of spirit. I couldn’t ignore my truth any longer. Following my hunch to explore it completely changed my life.

I left the safety of the corporate world and set out to give psychic readings. The Universe stepped in and, almost over night, I was booked six months ahead. Always stretched beyond my comfort zone, I looked towards reaching more people – the birth of my writing, teaching and mentoring.

I established The Little Sage and for the next few years, taught the basics of intuition and Intuitive Living there, alongside my private consults. And, as my own awareness expanded, so too has the message… now, culminating in the full soul’s journey shared here.

No soul journeys alone

This path led me to my love, Gary, and our two daughters, Isla and Rose. We currently live in our dream home in Brisbane, Australia. As a busy mum of two young girls, my feet are firmly planted on the ground, but my spirit reaches far beyond it.

This unique blend of grounded guidance, coupled with a business background, helps me bring through practical guidance you can actually use.

I'd love to share this journey with you, too.