Anchoring Your Soul On The Earth

Anchoring Your Soul On The Earth

This week, the High Council of Sages spoke to us about the importance of connecting to the earth, anchoring your soul on the earth and drawing up the energies of the earth (quite different from drawing up the earth’s physical resources).  Below is a channeled excerpt from the Council about this process.

“On anchoring the energies into the earth – now is the time for each individual to return to their soul, to draw their soul down into their being and, once it has moved through the healing required there, to anchor into the earth.

Why might you want to do this? Not only is it part of the soul – and human- journey, but it is now of great imperative on your earth right now to do so.

For the individual, it restores alignment with soul – anchoring the soul across timelines into this moment and incarnation, giving an individual tremendous power and ability to express the breadth and depth of the soul’s gifts in this lifetime.

For the collective, as an individual brings this frequency through and learns how to anchor this into the earth, earth’s template is activated in a new way by the very same frequencies each individual is bringing through en masse.  As the earth begins to ascend, a real shift can occur on the earth at this time.

This moves beyond an individual quest for soul purpose to the shared purpose of all souls on the planet at this time.

Connect with your soul.
Heal and integrate.
Anchor into the earth.
And draw on the earth’s source of love and energetic abundance.

This is now the collective’s Soul Path.”

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