4 simple steps to ask for and receive guidance

4 simple steps to ask for and receive guidance
Ever wonder exactly how you’re meant to ask for guidance from your spirit guides or how to recognise signs and symbols when they show up? Or maybe you've noticed the messages but struggled interpreting what they mean. Then there’s the question of when to act on your intuition and the guidance you receive.

Asking for guidance sounds simple enough, but it can be fraught with pitfalls. Over time, I developed a simple four-step method for working with your intuition and Spiritual Support Team, what I call the ARIA Method.

The Aria Method For Working With Guidance

ARIA is an acronym for Asking for, Receiving, Interpreting and Acting on your intuition and guidance. Each of these phases has its own pitfalls as well as potential for insight.

Every single time I work with my intuition and Spiritual Support Team, I follow these same steps:

  1. Ask for guidance. Sounds simple enough, but without asking we can't be answered. This is about intentionally posing a question and setting your vibration accordingly.
  2. Receive the answers. Focus on observing, noticing, and gratefully receiving who or what the Universe sends you in response to the question (and more importantly, the vibration) you've sent out. We can receive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually (or energetically). Perhaps the answers come immediately, or perhaps over time. Trust the guidance will always come.
  3. Interpret what you receive. This is potentially one of the biggest pitfalls. Look for the references, messages and what they mean. Overtime, I’ve developed a very comprehensive interpretation of the physical sensations, the emotions, colours, energy etc I've received. To start, work on creating your own interpretations. If unsure, repeat steps one and two.
  4. Act on the guidance. Some answers require immediate action, for example, intuitively knowing to make a particular phone call or to complete a task. Some actions take longer and will require some inner work to be ready for them. Without action, we've failed to gratefully receive the guidance.

    Working with the ARIA Method can take time and practice, which is why it's built into the very foundations of the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly practice inside the Guided membership. Members learn the steps and then put it into action every single day.

    Be sure to try this in your own guided practice and see what results. You might like to check out my Head and Heart Digital Planner to kick start your guidance practice.