5 things no one tells you about your intuition

5 things no one tells you about your intuition

Do you ever feel like this follow-your-intuition gig is tough going? Yeah, me too. 

There's no doubt following your intuition can align you with your soul's path and purpose, but in the process it will lead you through a massive internal change that can stretch and even scare you. 

If this can still happen to even a seasoned intuitive, it'll straight-up be there for beginners, too. Which made me think of all the things I wish I knew about following my intuition at the outset. 

Here are five things I wish I knew when I started following my intuition

  1. It's not about always knowing exactly what's going to happenIn fact, accurate predictions are incredibly difficult to make as free will and choice (as well as our energetic set point) can change the outcome. Thinking intuition guarantees an outcome will leave you unhappy. 
  2. It's not about following an easier path. Our intuition is designed to lead us where we will learn and grow according to our soul's path. Such growth is often through trials and challenges. Intuitive living isn't all rainbows and butterflies. 
  3. You can't outsmart the Universe. It won't be long before the head tries to steer your intuitive living in such a way that it can benefit from it. The head's crafty like that. The head may want to hide behind intuition as a way to get what it wants -- true intuition won't outsmart the Universe but will work with it. 
  4. You're bound to get it wrong, sometimes. Trial and error is one of the best ways we can learn how to interpret our intuitive nudges. What our intuition tells us today could be interpreted differently tomorrow. My intuitive hunch may mean one thing for me, but the same hunch could mean something else entirely for you. Following our intuition requires that we figure out the nuances, which means getting it "wrong" is just as powerful as getting it "right.
  5. You've got to play the long game. Like any other relationship, living intuitively requires us to play the long game. We need to build a relationship with our intuition, our hunches and internal navigation system. That trial and error takes time. We wouldn't trust advice from a random stranger on the street, so if you're knew to intuition and your Spiritual Support Team, you may need to build trust in the relationship first. 

Overcome the pitfalls of your intuition

Build up a relationship. Practice daily. Reflect on your intuitive impressions and insights. And keep going! 

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