Q4 Energy Forecast: what's ahead for the end of 2022

Q4 Energy Forecast: what's ahead for the end of 2022

With the start of final quarter of 2022 upon us, the energy for these last few months is all about Listening to Guidance. 

While recording the Q4 Collective Energy Forecast (available in Guided now), messages from Spirit included the sense of big shifts and big decisions; new beginnings and new directions (with plans, ideas) which will alter what we want, individually and collectively moving forward. The next few months will require we make choices aligned with our truth, our hearts and our power. Expect big changes at the global level. 

There’s a “restart” occurring, some of which may be linked to the arrival of a new monarch (and this was predicted earlier this year in earlier forecasts). We will see an ongoing debate about who remains in the Commonwealth. There are also "restarts" in a post-Covid world, particularly in the world of finances and financial structures. 

Also mentioned in the forecast is the reemergence of local communities – think local tourism, local business and local service provision. I spoke about this on the podcast back in 2020 and it’s still available to listen to. This theme of balancing global and localisation will carry over into 2023.

More than anything, we are asked now to focus on our intuition, inner and higher guidance to navigate the next few months — because 2023 will come in with a bang. 

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