Remember who you are and why you're really here

Remember who you are and why you're really here

Life whispers to us. It vies for our attention, trying to remind us why we’re here. The whispers may start as a general sense of being “off path”, of being disconnected to ourselves and the life we’re living. This is your invitation to strip back the layers of old beliefs, expectations, energy, past hurts etc that are holding you back from who you really are. 

False self is a masked sense of self, often hiding behind ego, limiting beliefs, stories and meanings the mind has attached to your life. 

True self is your true nature or essence free from the mind’s attachments, and shaped by your unique composition in this lifetime, without the mind’s meanings. 

Heeding the whispers, you’ll be guided into the multi-faceted layers of your true self, fostering a deeper relationship with yourself, as well as your intuition and your Spiritual Support Team, or SST (that group of guiding beings assigned to help your soul remember and live out its purpose). 

Step by step, your own divine life path emerges as you follow the breadcrumbs that lead you into the lessons, relationships and situations that allow your true self to shine. 

There's a reason, purpose or mission that has called us into this lifetime —a vocation luring us forward. Our intuition and SST constantly invite us to remember that call and follow the breadcrumbs to be who we came here to be, to fill every corner of our lives with the unique beat pulsing through our heart and soul. Our feelings and intuitive hits invite us deeper into our purpose, which requires us to know, then be, ourselves. 

Every invitation, every divine whisper and breadcrumb asks us to take the next immediate step towards being ourselves. Not only do the divine whispers guide us, they ask us to move through a tremendous inner transformation, to unearth and remember our truest self.  

This is an extract from You Already Know: How to access your intuition & find your divine life path.