A pause, an ending and a beginning: how this month’s collective energy brought change to my world 

A pause, an ending and a beginning: how this month’s collective energy brought change to my world 

I predicted that August would bring an energy of Beginnings, but as I shared in that prediction (which you can listen to here) beginnings usually come from something else ending. I had no idea how this was going to unfold for me, and it is still unfolding as I publish this, but the endings that have arrived snuck up and surprised me. 

The pause: The Guided Collective Podcast 

First up, the podcast was paused this month — a surprise pause that I am still unsure what will come of it —and while I would love to see it revived, for now, it’s on an indefinite hiatus. I even tried to bring it back quickly, thinking I could just miss a week or two, but as luck/life would have it, my podcast editor also needed to pause for personal reasons, further reinforcing the need to stop. So, instead of pushing and scrambling to find a new podcast editor, I am happy for now to let it be. I trust the timing of this one. 

The ending: farewelling my team 

Producing a free weekly podcast requires a huge amount of effort from me and my team each week - one we have kept up for three and a half years. Alongside my podcast editor’s need to pause, my other team member had an ending and beginning of her own which, while marvellous for her, has left me without a team. Again, I could rush to hire a new team member, but instead, I’ve decided to pause long enough here to decide who or how or even IF I wish to hire again in the future. 

Flying solo is not ideal with so many moving parts to my business — but, I recognise the opportunity here to truly question those moving parts to begin with. Were they there simply because I had a team, or was the team there to support what my heart really wants to create and share? 

August’s endings or beginnings – or in my case, the pause between endings and beginnings – is already making me ultra focused on what is most important, not just what *could* happen (or what’s possible with a team in place). 

Which leads me to further clarity on my new beginning…

The beginning: Guided goes deeper

The recent addition of the Guided membership, soon to enter its third month, provides the perfect space to fulfill my role as energy forecaster and intuitive teacher. If you’ve loved the resources and tools on the podcast these past few years, you’ll want to join Guided – this is where the forecasts are shared, along with deeper support tools, guided meditation, weekly prompts and more. If you’ve loved the podcast and especially my forecasts, the membership is the place to be. 

We’re about to start exploring the closing of Q3 and the beginning of Q4 as well as the monthly theme for September (and let me say, it’s building on August’s theme of beginnings and endings). 

When the collective energy and your personal path collide

While technically not a beginning or an ending this month, I’m midway through editing my third book, to be published with Affirm Press in early 2023. I wrote this book in 8 weeks; it literally flew out of me. The premise of this book is working with small daily rituals to listen to your own heart and intuition to remember who you are and what you want – then working with the Universe’s clues and signs to make it happen. Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that this is the exact process I am now moving through in my business, as I hunker down with what’s on my heart and how I want to make it happen in the world. 

The collective energy brought the endings and beginnings – or more accurately, pauses – for me this month, as it may be for you. What I share in my forecasts in Guided are the top level clues on how to make your heartfelt desires happen, while your own intuitive guidance, signs and symbols and support from your personal Spiritual Support Team, drills the guidance down further, personalising it for you. I teach this combination in Guided, too. 

An ending and beginning: Readings update 

While many things are pausing, my 1:1 work is still available, and September is booking now. I’ve enjoyed the ask-me-anything style readings, but recognise my personal sweet spot is in helping you remember who you are and why you’re here… so grab the last of the ask-me-anything spots in September, before I return to the big lessons/purpose focus.