Episode 102: Feeling Into Big Feelings Of Change

Episode 102: Feeling Into Big Feelings Of Change

Sometimes we just need to make space for the psychic gunk to come out.

This past week has felt really heavy for me. Initially, I thought it was exhaustion from the BIG energy around launching The Little Sage and the oracle cards — but in fact, it was more than that.

I’ve been through this before, I knew to sit with it and allow myself to just be with these uncomfortable feelings — to not attach to it, try to change it, or rush in to heal it. And instead, just let the old stuff come out and trust it knows what it’s doing.

If you are having a tough time or noticing things coming up, please know you’re not the only one. So, in that spirit of solidarity, I’m sharing how I’ve been navigating these big uncomfortable feelings — and I’m including a mini-reading at the end, for us all.

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