Episode 122: Keeping The Faith In Uncertain Times

Episode 122: Keeping The Faith In Uncertain Times

The world may seem an uncertain place right now. As I recorded this episode, a large portion of Australians are back in lockdown (again) and the entire world is still battling this pandemic. As we continue through these uncertain times, we can wonder how we can keep the faith.

Today I share an excerpt from Asking For a Friend — the book I wrote during last year’s lockdown. This excerpt will hopefully remind you of the bigger picture, that something else far bigger than us and this pandemic (or any other life-changing obstacle right now) is indeed working for us, even if we can’t see it yet.

Signed copies of Asking For a Friend and You Already Know are available at thelittlesage.com. You’ll find non-signed copies and audiobooks via all good book retailers.

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