Episode 124: September 2021 Energy Forecast

Episode 124: September 2021 Energy Forecast

Now before you sit down to absorb the upcoming energy forecast for the month of September, I’d like you to review the previous few weeks first and how August played out for you.

The card for the month is Meaning which calls us to put puzzle pieces together, see things in a new way, find missing pieces arrive, or see the picture so very differently. Enjoy the moment as the picture gets revealed and trust that the reveal will happen at the right time.

Now, remember, my forecast is just to get you started — I encourage you to perform your own forecast for the month ahead. The episodes mentioned below will guide you as well as the link to the Oracle Cards if you haven’t gotten one already.

Episodes mentioned:

Episode 121: August 2021 Energy Forecast
Episode 93: How To Create Your Own Forecasts


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