Episode 128: October 2021 Energy Forecast

Episode 128: October 2021 Energy Forecast

It’s forecast time!!! Tune in for this month’s energy forecast and the forecast for the last quarter of 2021. I remind you to reflect on where you’ve been, the forecasts, and how they played out. This practice on reflection allows you to learn how to interpret your intuitive nudges better.

Now the quarter card that I pulled out was Crown Chakra, which asks us to address any blockage that may hinder us from integrating the guidance into our bodies. On the other hand, the card for October is Dreams, which links to the quarterly forecast and closes the loop from March, where we also had Dreams.

As always, I share the affirmations for each forecast below:

CROWN CHAKRA: My crown chakra is clear and balanced. It radiates a brilliant white light and easily processes energy connected to my spirituality.

DREAMS: I easily recall my nightly dreams and understand their meaning. I have the power to create the life I dream for myself.

These forecasts will help you get started, and I encourage you to perform your own for the month ahead.

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