Episode 13: Your Q&As

Episode 13: Your Q&As

Today’s episode is going to be different because I will be answering some of the questions that you've asked. Stay tuned and maybe your question got answered in today’s episode of Q&As.

  1. How do we come together as a nation and heal?
  2. How did you broach being a psychic with your partner? How to handle this topic in relationships?
  3. How to introduce spirit guides to kids?
  4. What past life healing or patterns of frustration did you notice? Also, would you know whether it’s related to your past life or just this life? How can you tell the difference?
  5. On energy of pets — do they have chakras? Can they be our soul mates? Any spiritual info on pets?
  6. How to find your mojo/spark after having a difficult phase?
  7. How does automatic writing work (and can it be done on a computer)?

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