Episode 133: November 2021 Energy Forecast: Powering Our Inner Strength

Episode 133: November 2021 Energy Forecast: Powering Our Inner Strength


Here’s another energy forecast episode! In these ever-popular episodes, we explore the upcoming energy for the month ahead.

This is an episode you may want to work with and listen to a few times, but then perhaps revisit as you plan the month ahead. It’s always a good idea to find time to reflect on the month before, too. When we take the time to reflect, we can see how the dots connect, how our intuition has guided us and what steps may need to be auctioned next.

I pulled the card Solar Plexus Chakra which links beautifully to the quarterly and annual theme.

As always, here is the affirmation for the month ahead:

My solar plexus is clear and balanced. It radiates a brilliant shade of yellow and easily processes energy around my inner strength and confidence, power, and self-esteem.

This is just a reminder that my forecast is just to get you started and I encourage you to perform your own forecasts.

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