Episode 134: How To Work With Your Energy Field

Episode 134: How To Work With Your Energy Field


Clearing, healing and restoring your energy field and energy centres allows for deep healing and preparation for an outer world that simply flows. But how exactly do you work with your energy field? We find out in today’s episode.

We are currently in a month where the forecast spoke to working with our energy centres and filed. It’s the start of November for those who might not be listening to this in real time. We have a theme for the last few months of 2021 of Crown Chakra and this month, November 2021, we have a theme of the solar plexus chakra. Whenever I see two or more chakra cards, it signals for me a bigger reference to not just our chakras but our entire energy field. The goal is to keep your field and centres humming at the most optimum frequency for YOU.

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