Episode 14: June 2019 Collective Energy Forecast

Episode 14: June 2019 Collective Energy Forecast

I can’t believe how fast time flies! I’m about to channel the energy forecast for the month of June in today’s episode. Before I start to channel, I would like to clear out a few things around the energy forecasts.

What they’re not:

  • Energy forecasts aren’t prescriptive or date-specific forecasts.
  • In addition, they aren’t meant to be used as a crutch, and most certainly, not as fear-mongering or suggesting that you are powerless against some bigger force.

What they are:

  • Collective overview for anyone who is part of the awakening occurring here on our earth.
  • Finally, the energy forecasts are like the weather patterns to consider as you navigate your own path.

The overall theme for the month of June: Change

Weekly theme:
Week 1 (June 3 – 9) = Set free
Week 2 (June 10 – 16) = Heart Chakra + Base Chakra
Week 3 (June 17 – 23) = Path of least resistance
Week 4 (June 24 – 30) = Heart chakra

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