Episode 158: Choice, Commitment & Conviction

Episode 158: Choice, Commitment & Conviction


As I mentioned in the newsletter, there is a message for us to examine our communication and expression zone this week, which is influenced by our global choices. Make sure you've signed up for the newsletter if you haven't already. Our decisions must reflect what we know to be true about ourselves. We can't feel one thing and act on it. There is a happy medium. In You Already Know, chapter 19 (page 233) and episode 21 of my podcast, I go into greater detail regarding this.

As a result, we must review this message this week. Episode 21 aired in July 2019; you might want to go back and listen to what was going on at the time. Notice any parallels and how your choice, commitment, and conviction may have started to be set and tested.

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Episode 21: Expressing Your True Self

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