Episode 169: August Forecast - Your New Beginning Is Here


Without realising it, most of us have been saying no to our intuition throughout our lives. Today I share the importance of reflection to develop our intuition. I also share the reasons why we should perform a reflection process. Through reflection, we can look back and see the effects of our choices. So tune in as we explore the 7 ways reflection is important to strengthening your intuition.

In today’s episode, I give you a general insight into the energy forecast for the month of August. This month's theme is all about beginnings. It could be in your personal life, a new opportunity for a business, a job, or how the world is slowly opening up and going back to normal post COVID-19. And just as everything starts with a beginning, there are also endings. Tune in to hear more, or head to the website for a detailed energy forecast within my Guided membership.


“Welcoming this new beginning is easy and calm. I finalise chapters which no longer serve me and recognise how they set me up for this new beginning.”


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