Episode 171: The Head, The Heart And The Universe

Episode 171: The Head, The Heart And The Universe


Would you like to find more balance, harmony and flow in your life? 

If you’ve ever struggled with making plans and juggling a busy life, career and household while also wanting to be intuitively guided but felt like the two are at opposite ends of the equation, then this episode is for you.

So, how do we go about listening to and following our hearts while also balancing this with the very real need to listen to our heads and conscious mind? 

I'm always trying to find the balance between following my head and my heart. I've been exploring this for a while, and I have seen firsthand how the two can work together. It’s something I explore in more detail in my upcoming book, but it’s something I’ve long been pondering. I've been trying to figure out how to balance the two and find that sweet spot where I can be intuitively guided while also being practical.

In this episode, we’ll explore how we can find an equilibrium between our heads and hearts. 

"When all those elements align, you will find the sweet spot and your soul's slipstream."

In this episode, we dive into the following:

  1. How to find a balance between following your head and your heart.
  2. How to work with the Universal collective energy and your own path and purpose to help co-create your heart's desires.
  3. How to create a daily, weekly, or monthly plan that takes into consideration both your head and your heart.


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