Episode 172: How To Plan Your Days With Your Head AND Heart

Episode 172: How To Plan Your Days With Your Head AND Heart


In order to co-create with the Universe, we need to balance both our heads and hearts – but what does that look like in a practical sense? And how do you know which one to follow when your head and the heart are in conflict?

I'm always working to find the balance my head and my heart. You might be surprised to hear that by nature I actually have a fairly Type-A personality. As a Psychic and an intuitive, I'm highly also sensitive – energetically and emotionally. And these two parts of my nature can sometimes end up competing with one another. But I've learned that it's possible to find a personal sweet spot between my personality and my gifts, as well as my logical mind and my intuitive heart. I do this by connecting with my intuition every day, and then using that guidance as I plan my day. I also make sure to keep an eye on the larger universal energies at play, so that I can be flexible in my planning and respond to whatever comes up. By doing this, I’ve learned how to follow my heart AND use my head while I navigate a busy business and homelife in a way that feels true to me. 


In this episode, you willl learn the following:

  1. How to find the balance between your head and your heart
  2. How to follow your heart's desires
  3. How to work with the Universal energies & patterns to help guide you


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