Episode 174: Let’s Do Our Morning Guidance Practice Together

Episode 174: Let’s Do Our Morning Guidance Practice Together


In this episode, I invite you to do your morning routine with me.  

This daily guidance practice that we’ll go through together is the foundation of my Head And Heart Digital Planner, and something we explore even more deeply in Guided. You can do this right along with me using the planner or you’re welcome follow along in your own journal.  

This episode will take you through an intentional daily guidance practice that can ebb and flow right along with your schedule. I’ll share some simple and practical steps on how you can set your intention, ask for guidance, receive insights, interpret your own signs and symbols, and of course, record them in your journal! This process guides you on how to build your own daily planning and journaling ritual. 

I hope you enjoy doing your morning routine with me!


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