Episode 175: Energy Update: Reflection, Acceptance And Letting Go Of 2022

Episode 175: Energy Update: Reflection, Acceptance And Letting Go Of 2022

Today’s episode gives you the top-level energy update for the month ahead and the final ways we’re being guided to accept and let go of 2022. The current energetic themes we’re seeing are a reminder of the importance of understanding and accepting the lessons that we’ve been exploring as a collective.

Along with the monthly theme of ‘Acceptance’ was idea of completing a cycle that we may have been navigating this year and indeed during the last few years. We’re now being invited to review and reflect as we see these particular cycles draw to a close. 

The theme of Acceptance is accompanied by an affirmation from The Little Sage Oracle Cards that really complements the current energy: "I am exactly where I need to be to learn, grow and advance. I accept myself just as I am, a wonderful being. I am lovingly patient with myself and others as I grow.

Take a little time to reflect on what macro and micro cycles may be ending for you. This energy of acceptance also provides us with a gentle reminder to slow down and create moments of stillness and silence, especially during the busyness of the season.


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