Episode 177: Energetically Clearing 2022

Episode 177: Energetically Clearing 2022


Every year I ensure that I’ve energetically cleared the year that’s coming to an end before looking ahead to the new year.  

In this episode, I walk you through my process for energetically clearing the year – releasing and letting go of attachments, removing energy drains, calling my energy back, and then restoring my energy to step into the year ahead. 

Parts of today’s episode first aired in 2021, as we were preparing for 2022. As you’re listening now – or even into the future – please know that I may mention different dates, but this process remains the same. I’ve learned that letting go is about releasing attachment in all four of our bodies – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s a way of clearing out old energy and making space for new energy and experiences so that we can manifest our intentions for ourselves and the Collective. 


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