Episode 179: 2023 Annual Collective Energy Forecast

Episode 179: 2023 Annual Collective Energy Forecast


Happy New Year! Welcome back to my long-time listeners and if you’re new to this podcast, welcome, welcome!

In today’s episode, I’ll share the top-level energy overview for 2023. The full forecast is available now for the Guided community members. Head here to learn more about Guided and join us to receive access. 

Here is our affirmation for the year ahead: I am a creative being and easily express myself in new and inspired ways. I easily move through the school of life and I am grateful for the lessons I am learning. I am open to receiving pure information from my higher self. I trust and lovingly act on this information.

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Grab the Live Your Best Life bundle for the Head And Heart Digital Planner, Follow Your Heart book, and 3 bonus meditations to help you lead your heart, follow your intuition, and be guided by your soul’s path in 2023. 

Join the Guided membership for monthly forecasts and to go deeper into your guidance practice.

Explore the Ground Clear and Protect Your Energy Meditation to bring you back to your centre and support you in the process of creating your own forecast. 



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