Episode 180: Follow Your Heart - An Introduction

Episode 180: Follow Your Heart - An Introduction


Do you know what your heart and intuition desire right now? Do you know how to make it happen? Will you answer your heart’s call, even if it doesn’t logically make sense?

In this episode, I share the introduction of my new book, Follow Your Heart: Simple daily rituals for honing your intuition, which is available nationally from January 10th.

After hearing Steve Jobs' commencement address to Stanford students in 2005 where he famously advised them to have the courage to follow one's own heart and intuition, I asked my Instagram community about their heart's desires and if they knew how to make it happen. Through my private practice and writing this book, I've seen people yearn to live meaningful, intuitive and fulfilling lives, but feel conflicted about their desires.

Following my own heart has been so transformative that I’ve dedicated the past 15 years to fine-tuning the process and teaching others how to do the same. You’ll learn how the simple act of asking for what you want – when you really know what it is – opens the floodgates to an abundance of aligned opportunities. Follow Your Heart serves up daily, weekly and monthly practices to get you out of your head and into your heart and shows you how to tune into and express your true self so you can live the life you were born to live.


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