Episode 182: Reclaiming Your Voice With Sonia Bavistock

Episode 182: Reclaiming Your Voice With Sonia Bavistock

Creative self-expression, voicing our personal truth, and reclaiming our personal power are all vital pieces of the intuitive journey. They help us connect to who we really are, what we really want, and what we have to say. 

To help celebrate the release of my book, Follow Your Heart, I have invited some wonderful guests to talk about their own journeys with following their heart, remember who they are and sharing their unique gifts with the world. 

In today’s episode, we welcome our very first guest to the Guided Collective Podcast, Sonia Bavistock. Sonia is a Women's Business & Personal Development Mentor, and also a dear friend and previous client of mine. We talk about following your heart and intuition in the uniquely ‘Sonia’ way – through the lens of storytelling, expression, and personal power.

Sonia Bavistock is a former Communications Manager and Lifestyle Blogger turned Mentor, on a mission to hand out as many permission slips as possible to women all over the world to activate who they truly are and live an audaciously full and beautiful life.

Where to connect with Sonia:

Website: https://www.soniabavistock.com/

Instagram: @sonia.bavistock


Grab a copy of Follow Your Heart: https://helenjacobs.co/products/follow-your-heart 

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