Episode 183: What I Learnt From Multiple Personal Energy Forecasts

Episode 183: What I Learnt From Multiple Personal Energy Forecasts

If you follow my work, you’ll know that I prepare a number of Collective Energy Forecasts–looking at the big picture guidance, energetic themes, and messages from Spirit that we’re all likely to be journeying with. However, over the past few months, I’ve also been performing quite a few Personal Energy Forecasts for individuals.  

As I was preparing these, one thing I found very interesting was that I could see particular themes being reflected back at me. In this episode, I’ll be sharing some of the recurring themes I noticed in these Personal Energy Forecasts and what this might mean for us as a Collective during the year ahead. I’ll also share a few of the specific oracle cards that kept turning up and the larger meanings that could be at play here. 

Another thing I noticed was that the vast majority of the Personal Forecasts mirrored the Collective Energy Forecast for the year, which includes March as a big pivot point and October as another month that shows up as a turning point. 

There is a definite emphasis around the theme of Change which is likely to be playing out among many of us in the Collective, and this year also shows up as a time when many individuals will be deepening into their own unique Soul Purpose. 

This episode is a prompt to explore the power of inner transformation and the importance of trusting the timing of life. I hope it helps as you navigate through the energy ahead and supports you to build upon the Collective Forecasts, the energetic themes, and how they have an individual application. 


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