Episode 186: Unlock The Power Of Your Inner World To Manifest More

Episode 186: Unlock The Power Of Your Inner World To Manifest More

Did you know the fastest way to influence real change in your life is by changing your inner world? When we alter our energetic or vibrational set point, we have a much better chance of manifesting the outer world experiences that are a match for it. And, if we don’t know how to change our vibration, the Universe is happy to show us, if we’re paying attention to the feedback we receive. 

In this episode, I introduce the idea of the Feedback Loop. It’s a concept I talk about in my book, Follow Your Heart, and it’s pivotal to the concept of manifesting – whether we’re manifesting guidance or our heart’s desires. 

We’ll also explore ways to use your heart as an antenna to receive and transmit information. This helps us to better understand the guidance cycle of clearing, healing, restoring, and manifesting. Through these processes, we can manifest our heart's desires, repel what we don’t want, and understand how to use our intuition to navigate the way.


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