Episode 188: Following Your Heart And The Creative Process With Bonnie Sveen

Episode 188: Following Your Heart And The Creative Process With Bonnie Sveen

I am so excited to have our guest, Bonnie Sveen, joining us in today’s episode. 

Bonnie is a Logie Award winning actor known for her roles in Home and Away, The Secret Daughter, and Netflix's Escape and Evasion. She now lives back in Tasmania and is the mother of young twins. Bonnie is a vocal environmentalist, she is an ambassador for Save the Tassie Devil Appeal, a Board Member for Friends of Bonorong (Wildlife Sanctuary) and is an emerging director, producer and screenwriter. And beyond all that, she is a simply delightful human. 

Bonnie has always felt a connection to the Universe and through her career, she found that the language of being led by one’s heart and allowing it to guide her was closely related to her acting process. Through years of auditioning and self-reflection, Bonnie learned to trust her own desires, ambitions, and creative persuits. She has also experienced how surrendering to the natural flows and cycles can bring us more joy and improve our relationship to productivity. Together, we explore the parallels between motherhood and creativity, the role of spirituality in creative pursuits and, of course, a hefty dose of following your heart and dreams. 


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