Episode 190: Your Soul Self Is Your Best Marketer With Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Episode 190: Your Soul Self Is Your Best Marketer With Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Cassie Mendoza-Jones is a business coach, kinesiologist, NLP practitioner, author of three books (You Are Enough, It's All Good and Aligned & Unstoppable), and a naturopath and speaker.


Working with her is a catalyst for real, deep and radical change in your business; in how you show up; in how deeply you believe in yourself; how highly you regard yourself; and in the ways your energy and emotions speak to your body, being and business (and vice versa), guiding you from where you are to the growth you’re ready for.


Cassie and Helen have been close friends for many years, and before children, they would chat every fortnight and provide each other with coaching, reflection, and celebration. This conversation picks up as Cassie talks about returning to work after her second child, gaining perspective and trust that she would find a nanny and clients. She found her strength in believing that every sale and client she signed was bringing her closer to the next. With this newfound faith, she was able to build up her business and launch a successful Mastermind with 10 clients. She realized that all the time she had was all the time she needed.


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How to navigate writing, motherhood, and business life at the same time
  2. Trusting the energy you put into something will bring a return
  3. Simplifying to amplify and not spread yourself too thin

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