Episode 191: The Anxiety Reset Method with Georgie Collinson

Episode 191: The Anxiety Reset Method with Georgie Collinson


Georgie Collinson is an anxiety mindset coach, naturopath, nutritionist, and hypnotherapist and is known as an anxiety expert. She is passionate about helping people liberate themselves from high-functioning anxiety and understanding who they are beyond their minds.


While on a flight to the Cook Islands to heal a broken heart and find guidance, Georgie was reading You Already Know, specifically about the Magic Car analogy I share. Exciting the plane, Georgie saw a car with the number plate of Magic – a clear sign Georgie was on the right path and was inspired to explore the concept of intuition and self-discovery. 


Georgie has released her first book, The Anxiety Reset Method, and shares how to create a Resilience Shield against the triggers of anxiety. She also shares how understanding hormones, gut health, and stimulants like caffeine can poke holes in our resilience shield. 

Tune in to hear how your anxiety may just have a message for you. We explore:


  1. The power of spirituality and intuition to overcome fear and anxiety
  2. Taking practical steps to protect yourself from feeling triggered by life events
  3. Unlocking the root cause of anxiety and learning to love and comfort your scared inner child.


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@georgiethenaturopath on Instagram, The Anxiety Reset Podcast, or at www.georgiecollinson.com. Find The Anxiety Reset Method book here.


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