Episode 192: Past Lives and Life Between Lives with Rachel Crethar

Episode 192: Past Lives and Life Between Lives with Rachel Crethar

In this podcast episode, Rachel Crethar shares her journey of personal transformation, in which she discovers her magical ability to unlock the root cause of her clients' issues and unlock her own creative potential.


Rachel Crethar is an intuitive hypnotherapist, media strategist and mum of two. She works with clients all over the world, helping them overcome a range of issues such as emotional eating, money blocks, anxiety, skin conditions and relationship issues. 


Following her heart and intuition, eventually leading her to Rapid Transformational Therapy and then to Past Life and Life Between Lives Therapy. Through this, Rachel learned about her past lives and her mission in this life, which was a mission of creativity. She was then guided to use this understanding to help her clients to unlock their own issues and find peace within.


In this episode, you will learn the following:


1. Discovering the power of hypnotherapy to solve deep-seated issues and create lasting change

2. Exploring the spiritual realm through past life regression and life between life sessions

3. Uncovering the creative gifts and missions that lie deep within the subconscious.


To connect with Rachel, visit www.rachelcrethar.com or on Instagram @rachelcrethar 


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