EPISODE 193: Astrology, Intuition & Manifesting With Jordanna Levin

EPISODE 193: Astrology, Intuition & Manifesting With Jordanna Levin


Best-selling author, podcaster and astrologer Jordanna Levin, joins Helen Jacobs this week to talk all things astrology, intuition and manifesting. 

Helen and Jordanna discuss Jordanna's journey in owning her gifts as an astrologer (hint: Helen played a small role) as well as Helen's journey with choosing what to do with her own psychic gifts. 

Listen along to their conversation, as they also candidly explore: 

1. What is the link between intuition and manifesting?

2. Is the soul able to choose the timing of its birth to choose its astrological natal chart?

3. How can you tap into and trust your intuition and explore your psychic gifts?


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