Episode 194: How To Reconnect To Your Why When You Feel Off Path

Episode 194: How To Reconnect To Your Why When You Feel Off Path



Before we're able to truly share ourselves, our gifts and purpose with the world we need to really know ourselves. And sometimes we can come unstuck, or feel off path. We are never off path, we just need to take stock, get our bearings again before we move on. 

This happened to me recently. Being familiar with the process of reconnecting to myself, my Spiritual Support Team (SST), soul and spirit, I worked to bring myself back on to my own path and purpose, tapping into a few key tools.


The tools for reconnecting to your soul path and purpose

Think about someone who is about to take a trek in new terrain... what do you think they'd do to prepare, or take with them? It's similar when we are wanting to navigate our soul's path and purpose.

Like any other journey, when following our soul's path and purpose we will need:

  • A map — we may not see our entire soul map at once, or at least in a way we would expect to see a physical map. Our soul's map is more of a blueprint, with lessons and purpose, gifts and talents and how we get to share them is up to us. Assuming you've lost a map, here's what else we can rely on... 
  • An inner compass — your intuition is attuned to this. If you can't remember your soul's "why" or purpose, work with your intuition to give you clues. Consider what feels good, real and right to you just as much as you consider what isn't sitting well with you. Become really curious about what this information is telling you. 
  • A tour guide — your SST will act as a guide along your path, showing you milestones or key signposts. Your SST will draw your attention to particular sights, or key spots not to miss. 
  • A weather forecast — akin to the energy forecasts and updates I share, knowing what's at play in the world around you can help you plan your soul journey. And, you can also create your own forecasts

For more on these tools, as well as navigating the path and knowing the soul's destination, tune into Episode 194 of The Guided Collective Podcast. 


What jumps out at your from this list as a way to reconnect with your own path and purpose?