Episode 195: The Energy Of Soul Mates

Episode 195: The Energy Of Soul Mates

I am excited today to bring you an update on the energy for August, 2023.

The theme for August is: SOULMATES. 



The term soulmates can conjure up a lot of different ideas and different interpretations for different people, so consider what this idea of soulmates means for you.

My understanding of soulmates is a little different, than perhaps the mainstream thinking which often conflates soul mate with your romantic partner. My definition is: 

A soulmate is any other soul that is mated or paired with yours to ensure that each soul learns what it needs to learn.

Our soulmate can indeed be our romantic partners, but it can more broadly bring a message of all of our relationships, whether family, friendship, colleagues etc.

A soul mate relationship, more specifically, is a relationship predetermined and agreed to according to our soul's blueprint.

How to find your soulmate

The energy of August will bring soulmate energy to the fore. Over the coming weeks, we will be asked to really reflect on which souls our soul has been mated with or paired with, and what we're learning together.


Soulmate relationships aren't always easy

Soulmates bring great growth, but not every lesson is easy.

Working with the energy this month, reflect about the people, relationships and soulmates in your life. Why are they in your life? Perhaps people will be coming or going. Spirit urges us to be aware of those around us at this time; they're important.

We must really understand the role we play for others' growth just as much as we understand the role they play in our development.

Expect August to be a time where relationships will really be heightened, potentially stretched through challenge and growth. 

We're halfway through our Annual Collective Energy theme, building our Life Lessons, Creativity and Higher Self. We need to reflect, question and consider what we're learning, what we know to be true for ourselves, and how we want that to now be expressed inside of our relationships.

It may not necessarily be the easiest of times but we must trust that whoever is in front of us right now, or whomever we are in front of right now, is not by mistake that our lessons and our purpose is intrinsically linked with our soulmates.

Soul mates and soul agreements

Our soul can agree to very deep and meaningful relationships with our soulmates to really explore karma and past lives ensuring lessons are learnt.Consider this akin to studying a major at University.

Some lessons, or soul mates, may not be our major, but perhaps just be an interesting topic or subject area. 

Consider the people in your life right now: what do they represent to you? Is this a major or minor lesson? And is it a soul mate, or some other kind of soul agreement relationship? 

To learn more about soul mates, the energy forecast of August 2023, listen to the full episode above.