Episode 196: An Inner Path To Your Purpose

Episode 196: An Inner Path To Your Purpose


Navigating an inner and outer pathway

When it comes to our life's path and purpose, we can think about both an inner and outer pathway. 

An inner sense of purpose can include our life's purpose and/or soul purpose while our outer sense of purpose could be thought about in terms of the choices, decisions and actions we take and make. The outer path is often decorated with our relationships, jobs and careers, passions and activities. 

A new path emerges 


To allow a new pathway to appear, we may need to adjust our perception, whether of the inner or outer pathway.  Sometimes the Universe will take charge of that for us, with the arrival of news, opportunities or some other of life's "signposts".

To shift our perspective, it's often the role of the inner pathway and the inner work we do to shift our beliefs and energy.

Our frequency greatly influences the opportunities, the direction, the pivot points in our outer world, which I explore in detail in my latest book, Follow Your Heart

Our internal state and the vibration of our inner world acts as a magnet, as much as a repellent, to what is a vibrational match in the world around us.


If we want to change our outer path, it really is an inside job.

When you aren't yet seeing the outer world opportunities you desire, come back to the inner path in order to change the frequency to bring those opportunities to you in your outer world. 

The difference between life purpose and soul purpose

Difference between life purpose and soul purpose


To consider the emergence of a new pathway, we may need to think about the difference between our life's purpose and our soul's purpose. Our soul purpose may not change lifetime to lifetime, but how we channel that into this lifetime may change and evolve, allowing an evolution in say our work or our relationships. 

Endings and beginnings

Your path, both the inner and outer path, is meant to look and feel and be timed very differently to anyone else's path. There is an element here of divine timing along our pathway and we are asked to trust that it is not by chance that the news or opportunity, or new pathway opens up to us -- or closes. 

The imagery of the Path & Purpose oracle card is a woman standing at  a fork in the road -- this is apt for the energy at play at the time of going to air.


Path and Purpose oracle card


When we feel we may have been standing still for a little while, or waiting for another option or another pathway to emerge, we need to trust our own unique life path and purpose is unfolding just as it should. we must trust our guidance to lead us along our unique path.

For more on how to navigate the energy of a shifting path and purpose, tune into Episode 196, which includes supports as you navigate your path. 


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