Episode 197: How To Practice Patience

Episode 197: How To Practice Patience


Being told to be patient is not my favourite thing. Perhaps you feel the same way? And yet this is the message from spirit for the week ahead —or, if you've landed here at some other time, please know you've been intuitively guided to this message of PATIENCE.

Patience oracle card

Patience in spirituality often asks us to consider what we do and do not control. It is about surrender. It is about acceptance. It is about non-attachment and non-judgment.

Patience often means we have to wait. With an energy asking us to be patient, nothing is necessarily moving fast or in a way our minds want it to unfold. The timely manner our mind desires things to unfold may not match the Divine Timing at play. Instead, while we practice patiently waiting, we will need to draw on our inner strength, our inner power and our true presence or our true self.

If you are stuck in some cosmic waiting room, what will you do while you wait? 


The Waiting Game

Even if we have some exciting winds of change, we are asked to wait and watch a little longer. Don't rush off with the waft of something new; instead, bear witness, watch who or what comes and goes. Don't get swept away with the new, or get carried away with it just yet.

Part of the art of patience is knowing what you can control and of course what you do not.

Serenity Prayer

The inner work of patience 

Back in Episode 196 I spoke of the inner pathway versus the outer pathway and its relationship to our purpose —whether soul purpose or life purpose.

Patience is an inner pathway to our purpose evolving and revealing.

If we're focused on the things that we can change, which are usually internal, then we will start to see an external pathway open up to us, but we need to be patient while that's happening.

We can't necessarily force or push or manipulate other people or circumstances or a timing here. We need to be patient in the outer world, focusing instead on what we can control or change. HINT: our thinking, our beliefs and our energy. 

Be patient and trust the Divine Timing

Patience brings with it this sense of surrender, especially to the timing at play. There is a Universal and Divine Timing at play that our minds aren't privy to.

Patience requires us to have a fairly hefty dose of trust and faith in something beyond our own mind and beyond our own skills and capability and humanness. 

While you patiently wait for the outer world to materialise, be thoughtful and mindful, not only on what you can change, but accepting who and what is really here. Accept you can't force this, you can't control this, that there is something much bigger than you influencing the timing and outcome here. Patience allows for Co-Creation.

For more on this theme of Patience, tune into Episode 197 of The Guided Collective Podcats, which includes supports and tools to navigate the energy.