Episode 198: Financial Predictions For August 2023 (And Other Base Chakra Energy)

Episode 198: Financial Predictions For August 2023 (And Other Base Chakra Energy)


Time to anchor and ground your energy

It's time to focus on grounding our energy and creating a really steady, secure footing and base. It's time to get the foundations of our life —particularly individually, although also collectively — in place. 

A new clairvoyant image arrived recently alongside the Base Chakra card: a tent.

Spirit drew my attention to the metaphor where the tent pegs anchor in and secure the tent. This is the energy at play here; we're being asked to secure our own tent pegs.

Don't be surprised if the, activities of the week ahead are really focused on very human foundational life admin. 

Surprising links between the Base and Solar Plexus Chakras

Woven into this energy are also themes around strength, presence, power, courage, confidence, and trust —themes we wouldn't typically associate with the base chakra. but the solar plexus chakra.

Nevertheless, we're going to need these qualities as we anchor these tent pegs in place, ensuring our foundations are really secure. Part of the energy here is about being able to tap into our own inner well of self, to find that inner strength and courage and our own power and presence—then anchor that into place.

Consider the tent as our personal strength, presence, power —what 'tent pegs' does that need to anchor it in? 

What do you need to action or focus on this week as it connects to your base. and life foundations? Maybe it's the people, calendar management, clients and workload. It can also be the Daily Guidance Practice, like working with Oracle cards, writing and meditation.  (Check out these articles for more on creating your own guidance practice). 

Base chakra and financial security

Quite often the base chakra in modern times is about our financial security. But it can also be safety and security in other ways, like our physical or mental safety.This current energy isn't just about life foundations, but also our sense of belonging, our sense of place as well as that sense of physical, mental, emotional, energetic, or possibly financial security as well. 

Spirit says when it comes to belonging, we are absolutely secure and safe in our spirit and our soul.

But how do we ground that into our very physical, tangible human world? (HINT: what are our personal tent pegs?). 


Financial predictions for August 2023

Towards the end of August, as this is going to air, Spirit references our financial and economic considerations and the big economic stresses of late, ie, the cost of living crisis, increasing inflation and interest rates. 

While I'm not an economic forecaster, I am an energetic forecaster, and I can see an energy shift here for the collective around these topics. I get a sense that there is change coming, particularly some improvements and ease coming back into our world, financially. 

This prediction also includes broader implications around currency. Perhaps cryptocurrency, the cashless society, it could even be some sort of global World Bank policy that's introduced, or some sort of governmental recommendations or fiscal policy.

We will start to hear whispers of this shift, if not the full force by mid to late August, 2023. 

Don't let broader market conditions affect your inner sense of peace

For more on the implications of this, and suggested tools and practices to support yourself in this energy, tune into the full episode.