Episode 199: Rest Now; Change Is Coming

Episode 199: Rest Now; Change Is Coming


This week's episode features another energy forecast, so if you're catching this in real time, we are experiencing some energy here of Rest and Relax. But if you stumbled upon this episode at some other time, please know that this is the message you need to hear right now and you have intuitively found this episode.


Rest and relax mind, body and soul

Rest and relax is really a reminder to balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Do we need to catch up with ourselves and the busyness of the month, the year or even the last couple of years. 

Yes, we also need to balance and restore in each of our days, weeks, months and beyond. Perhaps you will feel called to find new rhythms, new practices, and new ways of allowing a season of rest. What we have learned in recent years about the way our lives run, what kind of moment of reprieve do we need now. Not the isolation of our Covid lockdowns, but how can we tap into the comfort of being alone.

Exhale. This may (finally) be the time to release you've been waiting for. 

The loneliness epidemic

While Covid may have passed, we are still experiencing an epidemic of loneliness. 

Spirit says we aren't comfortable with our own company, and so when we learn to rest and relax, we're also giving ourselves permission to spend time with ourselves. From here, we can build and nurture more meaningful relationships with others. 

This energy of Rest & Relax may just allow the kind of comfort in our own skins. 

Rest & Relax now —there's a shift in energy coming

Over the most recent podcast episodes, I've been talking about patience, about laying foundations, putting things in place. The outer world may not have been moving too quickly. Perhaps it's felt like there hasn't been traction just yet; perhaps just a hint.

New beginnings are now on the horizon, so Rest and Relax now, to prepare.

All of nature rests

We are a part of nature just like every other living being. We need these moments of rest. We are designed to sleep, where much growth and integration occurs. Even though this card isn't specifically about sleep, I do invite you to think about all the other ways that rest and relaxation may apply.

Active v passive rest

An active rest or active relaxation is quite different from a passive rest and passive relatxation (which doesn have its place). 

Passive rest could be being horizontal on the couch watching Netflix and eating chocolate. Active rest will nourish the soul and spirit. 

Examples of activities that help us to feel nourished at the spirit and soul level?

  • being in nature
  • going for a walk
  • playing with our kids or pets
  • creativity 
It's the kind of rest and relaxation that opens the channels for beautiful life force energy to move through us that actually restores.


Can we truly listen to what our body needs?




We all know when our body is tired, but do we listen?

Do we go to bed earlier?


Do we take some things off our plate?

Do we ask for help in order to do that?

If we're not willing to listen to the bare necessities our body asks of us, why would we listen when it's giving us all the other guidance?

We have to cultivate a relationship with our bodies, our intuition, and all of the sensations and emotions, all of the things that are happening in our body and all of the data that our body is giving to us.

If we're not willing to act on that, then what does that tell us about our relationship with ourselves?

Preparing for the next growth spurt

Think about nature's cycle, where rest and recovery is an important part of that cycle. Not only does it allow an integration of all we've learned and to allow our system to recover, but it also refuels us and prepares us for the next growth spurt.

And there is one coming.