Episode 2: Looking Ahead to 2019 and Q1 Update

Episode 2: Looking Ahead to 2019 and Q1 Update


Welcome back to another episode of the Guided Collective Podcast.

Today, Helen talks about the collective energy patterns for 2019. She also invites you to download her FREE 2019 Collective Energy Forecast which you can find here. In this forecast, she shares an overarching theme for the year: self-love. She has also included the High Council of Sage’s message about self-love. This message gives emphasis not only on giving love to self and others but also connecting with Earth. So don’t forget to download the free 2019 Collective Energy Forecast.

[14:07] The High Council of Sages tells us that 2019 is a very open and expansive year, for the most part. If you are feeling otherwise, make the theme of self, love, and self-love become your way through.

[17:09] Within the forecast, she talks about harvesting from the previous years. Each of us has our own personal season but at a collective level, there’s a sense of harvesting here. It’s really the harvesting from the growth of past years.

[18:51] For Q1 of 2019, Helen pulled out the Be Free card. This reminds us to keep choosing our personal freedom and that we are free in the choices that we make.

[21:18] For Q2, she pulled out the Life Purpose card. It hints at a period of time when we are going to be asked to align to our purpose. There is an opportunity on Q2 to really hone in on our purpose.

[23:51] Helen reminds you of the Life Purpose card and encourages you to start to inquire with your own intuition and with your spirit guides. Start pulling oracle cards of your own and feel into how this theme of life purpose might start to show up and play out for you for the coming months.

[24:22] Helen’s channeling and even anyone else’s channelings aren’t set in stone. This shouldn’t serve as a gospel. It should be used as insight and information, like a lighthouse. Any kind of top-level forecast is useful, but it is your own intuition, guidance, and interpretation of the themes relative to your unique situation that are far more important than Helen’s interpretation.


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