Episode 200: How To Trust Ourselves

Episode 200: How To Trust Ourselves



In this episode, we're diving into another energy forecast. Whether you're tuning in live or discovering this later, this message is meant for you. We're unpacking the energy for September 2023 and the transition from August to September. The cards pulled for this month reveal the theme of "Trust," complemented by the "Soulmates" energy for the week, building on August's focus.

Ultimately, trust necessitates embracing vulnerability and authenticity. By reflecting on past achievements, practicing discernment, and maintaining a record of intuitive insights, we solidify our trust. Backing ourselves and believing in the good within others empowers us to navigate what lies ahead.

Trusting the journey 

The energy right now is about trusting ourselves, trusting our path, and trusting our purpose. Trusting that life is indeed working for us. Trusting that while we may be in the messy middle, there is indeed something bigger than us actually working with us, and for us.

We must trust that what we are personally working towards, and what we're working for, is actually part of some greater plan and destiny.

Who can we trust?

We may also need to reconsider who we trust. Our leaders and our governments, so-called influencers? Collectively, we will need to look to our global, national and local leaders and governments and demand more. 

Who are we trusting? Why are we trusting?

Of course, it doesn't mean that we shouldn't trust, but we will need discernment. We need to discern the information we consume, as much as we discern who to trust and what to believe. Then leave the rest. 

This isn't about avoidance and it's certainly not about selective hearing. This is about discerning what is real, what is fear, What comes from true unconditional love?

Can we trust something bigger than ourselves? Can we trust life? The universe? The process? The timing? 

Can we trust that the universe is our safety net? Can we trust ourselves? Can we trust our decisions?

Can we trust the work we've done, particularly of late as we've been reflecting and resting and relaxing and practicing patience and laying the foundations? All of this is about to pay off.

Trust all you've done to get this far. Trust it is working, or has worked. Trust you are about to see the results of this in the month ahead.

How can we trust others? 

This energy comes after a time we were exploring the energy of soulmates -- and there is a bit of the Soul Mate energy still here. And so it would be remiss of me not to address our ability to trust others.

There is some sort of element here of needing to perhaps renegotiate our boundaries, particularly with our soulmates.

  • Who can we put our trust in?
  • How are we teaching others to trust us?
  • Do we trust our own heart?
  • Do we trust our judgment?
  • Do we trust our intuition?
  • And how are we trusting our own ability to navigate our relationships?

Can we rebuild trust? 

How can we work to rebuild trust where trust has been eroded? How can we work at a collective level, whether on a global, national, or local scale, to rebuild? Trust. And, we will need to trust ourselves as a collective at a more micro level here, too.

Trusting change 

Over the last few weeks as I've been sharing these forecasts, we've been laying foundations, we've been practicing patience, we've had to rest and relax, all while there's been a hint of  something new on the horizon.

This change, whether collective, individual or both, will require that we trust —our own judgment, our own bodies, our own needs, our choices.

Doubting your intuition is doubting yourself

All too often, I see people second guess their intuition, which means they're ultimately not trusting themselves. Trust who you are, your desires. 

Then believe in yourself and your desires. 

Cultivate trust and belief in yourself, your desires, your intuition and how you share this with the world. Consider all the things you've already overcome and thrived though —is that not proof enough you are capable of remarkable things? 


For more on this energy forecast and the supports to help you navigate it, tune into the full episode. ​