Episode 201: It's Time For A New Soul Or Life Season

Episode 201: It's Time For A New Soul Or Life Season


If you catch this energy forecast in real time, the energy for the week ahead is all about the changing Seasons & Cycles. But if you have found this at some other time, please know, it's because you have been intuitively guided here, so the message of seasons and cycles, no matter when you're picking up this episode, is an important one for you to tune into today.

Episode on episode over the last few weeks, we've been building to some sort of change. I've been talking about the glimmer on the horizon, the hint of a new beginning that hasn't quite materialised yet. Change is here and the transition is here this week.

Now this week is a precursor to the entire month's energy in October. Spoiler alert: October's theme is also Seasons & Cycles. What happens this week is going to be a direct link, a window, into what is coming in October. An example might be that if you were to interview for a job this week but start in October.

Visualising the change and transition

Let me share a clairvoyant image of this energy.

I want you to picture a relay race. Relay runner one is ending, or coming towards the end of their leg of the race. They have their baton out and they're ready to hand it to runner two. And there is a moment where both runner one and runner two both hold the baton and they have to run in unison before runner one let's go and runner two takes off. That's the energy of the week.

Of course, in this clairvoyant image, you are runner one and runner two.

We're in the transition, and I think that the season or the cycle that we're transitioning to, or the beginning that is here is, or. To put it another way, runner two is truly off and running in October.

This may also be a week where a lot of the work, hopefully that you've been doing over the recent weeks will be starting to pay off all of that resting and relaxing and patience and foundations, working with the base chakra, life admin, soulmates, all of that energy, and the work you've been doing with it will finally, finally begin to pay off this week.


Change in Mother Nature's seasons 

As I'm recording this in late August, it's still technically winter where I live, but we can feel that spring has actually begun here in Brisbane. Of course, wherever you are in the world, it may be different. Nevertheless, it may be very important for you to actually spend time connecting with the natural season of where you live. This is a really great way of being able to sync into the bigger seasons and the bigger cycles that are at play in our life.

We are naturally in that transition point right now here from winter into spring and onto summer, and of course, the opposite elsewhere in the world.

What also happens with the change of season or the the change in a cycle is that something naturally must come to an end. Runner one may need to collapse on the floor and recover, perhaps. But, simultaneously, something new is also beginning. We're in that brief phase where both need to happen simultaneously.

What we're moving into 
The good news is, of course, that runner two has an exciting journey ahead. They are only just beginning, they're just getting started. There's some excitement about what is ahead; what that pathway may hold for runner two.

As much as we need to take time to feel into what is ending, what is also beginning?

The last few weeks have really been about what is ending, what we're setting up, what we're intending. Runner two is ready to go. So there are a few things that we need to be mindful of in the week ahead, and one is of course, that we have indeed actively completed the cycle that you are in now. There are many, many cycles that could be happening in your life that could actually be happening simultaneously.

The role of Soul Seasons and Life Seasons

Our soul can have its own seasons too. A season for our soul could be an entire lifetime, or our soul may actually move through a season within a lifetime. Of course, we have seasons in our life just like, you know, the spring, the summer, the autumn and winter.

We can see that mirrored in our life cycle, purely by age, that requires something different of us. And the example that comes to mind is parenting, which for me, has dictated and influenced a great number of choices and decisions and activities that I make while I'm in this season of my life.

We may have these phases or stages in our life that naturally require something different of us. We can also apply this in terms of our menstrual cycle or the lunar cycle, or any other kind of cycle that we're in.

What cycle are you in?

Pay attention to what those cycles are for you. Where are you in any one of those particular cycles? And which one is the one that's changing for you?

Chances are there is also something in your own life season that is preparing to shift and change, or is shifting and changing in preparation to be off and running from October.

The resting and relaxing you've been encouraged to partake in just a couple of weeks back, was preparing you for this. So if you need to, allow yourself to rest and relax—particularly the part of you that is runner one—in order to prepare for the part of you that is runner two, who is about to race off in a new direction.

The clearing and cleaning that we may have done, or still need to complete, will give way to whatever it is that you want to manifest and attract. 

Remember, this week is linking to an entire month of change of seasons and cycles and new beginnings, and it's ever so close. It's coming in October...

For more on the supports for this energy, tune into the full podcast episode now.