Episode 44: What’s Creativity + Expression Got to Do with Our Global Changes?

Episode 44: What’s Creativity + Expression Got to Do with Our Global Changes?

If ever you needed an excuse to create, this week may just be it! Spirit prompts us to use our creative outlets to move some big energies this week as we explore the card/theme duo of Creativity + Be Free. 

This is the first week we see the annual theme pop up — it’s likely to be an interesting week, asking us to align with integrity. Our individual creative self-expression is going to be required for this week. If you haven’t listened to the 2020 Annual Collective Energy Podcast, I highly suggest that you do. Click here

A reminder the first Guided Gathering is happening Jan 28, 7:30 PM AEST (Brisbane, Australia time). All proceeds from this gathering will be donated to the Australian Red Cross to support those affected by fires.


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