Episode 45: It’s Time to Face our Fears

Episode 45: It’s Time to Face our Fears

How can we Be Fearless this week? Not the absence of fear or limiting beliefs, but rather how do we work with the fear in order to move forward? 

This week’s theme asks us to look into our shadow, into the parts of ourselves we may have avoided, or resisted, in order to dismantle old beliefs, stories and limitations. It’s a week to ask: Do I want to keep living up to this old belief? Is this belief/fear still true for me? 

This card comes at the end of a month with a theme of Inner Child so don’t be surprised if we are also revisiting our core wounds, or family dynamics, our past stories we set up in childhood. It’s all up for review this week, individually and collectively. 

Don’t forget, if listening in real-time, we have the Guided Gathering this week at 7:30pm AEST (Brisbane, Australia time) on Tuesday 28th Jan. All proceeds will be donated to the Australian Red Cross to support those affected by fires.


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