Episode 5: April 2019 Collective Energy Forecast

Episode 5: April 2019 Collective Energy Forecast

In this episode, we’ll go in a little deeper to some of the upcoming energy themes my guides give us for April 2019.  April is also a month of feminine energy to support a very masculine output of our purpose.

April Channel Forecast

In episode 2 of this podcast, we looked at an energy update for 2019. We pulled out the Self-Love and Life Purpose cards. You may revisit that episode here.

Overall theme for the month of April: Sacral chakra

April is going to ask us to come into the feminine principles. The sacral chakra can also relate to our interaction to the outside world. In the bigger scheme of things, there is a movement of so many of us wanting to come back to our truth. We have an opportunity in the next couple of months: to be inquiring within, to understanding this purpose, and to understand our truth.

Weekly Theme:

[13:30] April 1-7 = Four Bodies

[16:15] April 8-14 = Signs and Symbols

[19:38] April 15-21 = Rest and Relax

[22:46] April 22-28 = Sacral Chakra

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