Episode 8: Five Less Common Tips to Build Your Intuition

Episode 8: Five Less Common Tips to Build Your Intuition

Today, we focus on the tips that I don’t often talk about or the less common tips to connect with your intuition.

5 Less Common Tips:

  1. Move your body. Move without thinking about the movement. Allow your body to move how it needs to move as opposed to how you think it should move.
  2. Record your dreams. Helps you understand what is happening underneath the surface.
  3. Chart your cycles. Helps you track the times when you are more outward or more inward focus. Work with this data to understand yourself.
  4. Record yourself. Talk to yourself and record it. Your voice or language gives out clues about what’s happening underneath the surface.
  5. Stop before you respond. Pausing gives us enough time for information to solidify and identify if it’s the best time to do something.


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