Episode 91: January 2021 Energy Forecast

Episode 91: January 2021 Energy Forecast

Happy New Year! If you’re new here, a very special welcome to you! If you’ve been a listener to this podcast, welcome back! I know you are all looking for the 2021 forecast, particularly that of January, so you are in the right place. 

In today’s episode, I share the overview of the 2021 Annual Collective Energy Forecast and some very important dates that prompt us of upcoming (and BIG) changes and of new beginnings. Make sure to take note of those dates, particularly the month of May, as it is important for change. If you want to listen to the full and unscripted version of the annual forecast go ahead and check the link below.

For the month of January, I pulled the card INDULGE giving us self-care, nourishment and activities that feed your soul as themes for this month. This is a great time to slow down and put yourself first while still serving others. Overall, it is a very affirming and restorative month and a relatively “light” 2021. 

“I take time to indulge in activities I love, which nurture and nourish my spirit. I deserve this act of self love and care.” 


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