Episode 92: 5 Simple Steps to New Moon Intention Setting

Episode 92: 5 Simple Steps to New Moon Intention Setting

This week is the perfect time to work on your annual intentions if you feel called to do it as we see the first new moon of 2021. Don’t worry if you’re moving on some other timeframe than all the hype at this time of year to set your intentions and have your goals all mapped out. As I often say, Spirit doesn’t have a clock, Soul doesn’t have a calendar — you will get there. Hopefully, this episode will help you to better understand your intentions. 

Today, I share my 5-step process for setting intentions by the new moon:

  1. Create a special ritual or practice
  2. Reflect on last month’s intentions
  3. Create intentions for this coming month
  4. Offer up your intentions
  5. Turn your intentions into affirmations

If something takes longer than a month to come into your life, know that it’s ok. When manifesting your intentions, your progress is determined by how much clearing and healing you’ve completed and how ready you are to receive.

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Photo by Ernest Brillo